The Advantages of Voting Online

You have probably heard about online voting systems many times, but do you know what online voting really is, or what benefits it can bring to the future? We will not talk about the possibility of establishing a digital democracy, but rather about serious advantages of electronic voting that may be the solution for faster, more reliable and cheaper voting systems in the future. Electronic online voting systems are mostly used by different service organizations, homeowners associations, trade and professional organizations, sororities, fraternities, country clubs, charities, schools, corporations, churches and similar. Every organization that opts for voting online will enjoy many advantages. Learn why more and more professional organizations and associations choose online voting.

Configure Elections Only Once

One the primary advantages of using modern technology and electronic voting solutions is that you will have to configure elections only once. Other types of voting systems require configuring elections from scratch each time. However, by copying your previous election and specifying only the names of the candidates and the election dates, you will save a lot of time when preparing your next election.

Reduced Costs

Another major benefit of online voting is reduced costs. Since you don’t have to print papers, mail and tabulate ballots, your association or organization won’t have to burn holes in their pockets to organize a quality and reliable election. Printing, mailing and tabulating paper ballots will be forever eliminated from the election process. In case the election administrator requires paper ballots in some point of the election, they can be generated on demand.

Increase Voter Participation

Sometimes, and individual would like to vote, but they simply forget to do so. Online voting systems also come with email reminders that will help increase voter participation. In case an individual form your organization has not voted, he will receive a reminder to vote. The best thing is that he can simply click on the link in the email and go straight to his online ballot.

Each email address of the members of your association or organization will have to be validated. The system will notify you if any of the addresses were not properly formatted, or if there are some other issues.

Fair Election Every Time

Thanks to component of the online voting system, called ballot scrubbing, no vote can be spoiled in any way or against the voting rules. Before casting a ballot, all voters will receive clear instructions and rules about how to vote and how to conform to the rules of voting and your election.

Ballot shuffling will provide all candidates a fair election by randomly ordering them on every ballot. This way, all candidates will in a certain moment, have prime name placement on the vote. Online voting solutions provide every voter to correct his mistake before submitting his ballot. However, once the vote is submitted, it cannot be altered again.

Instant Election Results

As soon as your election starts, you won’t have to worry about human error in tabulation, because all votes will be automatically tallied.  The results will be available as soon as the elections are closed. Apart from instant results, you will also receive reports and daily statistics about the progress of the elections. Lastly, all election results will be adequately archived and available at your account if you need them.